Humanitarian Projects

Our volunteers have been serving women and their families on all continents since 1994. We are committed to the vision of advancing communities through eradicating poverty and supporting the stability of families. We have built and maintain schools in numerous parts of the world. We offer literacy and vocational training, AIDS education, scholarships, microfinance, nutrition and hygiene instruction, medical assistance, disaster relief, and more.

Healing & Reconciliation

A culture of sustainable peace can only be achieved when trust and solidarity is built within all segments of society and governments. We provide a space for women to constructively engage their concerns, skills and experiences to bring healing and reconciliation on the individual, national and global level. We develop tools, establish projects and conduct events all over the world to achieve this goal.

Capacity Building

We are committed to raising the next generation of peacebuilders. Young women leaders are the key to ensuring lasting peace and stability. Our internship programs provide young women access to mentors and opportunities to develop their professionalism in the areas of diplomacy, advocacy, strategic planning, research, and media. Youth volunteers receive hands-on training by participating in international humanitarian projects.

Women + Family

Individuals and families form the basis for all human organizations and systems, making the family the cornerstone for peace. The inherent feminine characteristics of empathy, nurturing and cooperation are pivotal to creating a more harmonious society. By centering on universally shared values, we strengthen families and offer women the tools they need to take ownership in the education of their community, which can then expand to the world.